The Shadow

A blind beautiful girl
standing under the street lamp.
monsoon eve
cloud cover the whole sky
moon went to leave.

A friend with her, show the way
it a white thin stick.
Her eyes,pole star in the northern sky
came down the street.

lighting is singing in the dark,
earth, felling like a war.

Rain comes, breaking the silent of night,
wake up the nomed.
Faint yellow neon light
falling on the wet road.

she standing alone,
with transparent clammy dress.
looked at the wet street
like a mirror face.
A blurry shadow appeared in it.

The shadow smiled at her
“oh! dear”
“why are you here”
“cross the road. Are you fear?”

she said in her white lips
*I’m blind,”
“waiting for a person’s”
“who will be kind.”

“oh! poor girl,are you silly”
“you don’t see ,”
“devil is hiding in the dark”
“teeth, like devil shark.”
“Run, I’m with you,”
“it’s no long, steps are few.”

Rain water comes in her chest
from black curly hair,
a blue hilly waterfall
falling in their.

creature sound,into the cloud
dead child cried.
She shoundered,
fell on the road.

world began to burn.

She stood up, a panther
in the deep forest.
Running to the centre
of the lonly street.

A heavy truck crossed the road,
broken white stick,red
“Now you will see”
the shadow smiled.

poetry,© copyright,2021, chitrak

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