Dark City

Silent city. Burning butterflies have flown,east to west.
Bloody thorns have blocked the way forward.
Footprints are lost in the time circle.
Dead bodies scattered around. Woke up the silver sword.
Children stopped crying. Red clouds, bloody sun set.

I saw a murderer, to give blood to a rose tree.
He think,the rose will be more red
I went there ,the tree take bath in red waterfall,
plucked a red roses.  The thorns burst like blade.
Bleeding from the tree begins. I’m guilty.

You and me. In the dark city,face to face,
the world separated by blurred glass
Something is missing from your eyes.

Where is that the blue sky,
where tree of love grew in the fresh air.
Where is the white pegion,
that makes a home at your body layer.

Ruins came from hell.
sleeping hands.
Who will ring the golden bell ?

poetry,© copyright,2021, chitrak

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