I do not want that pragmatic life

I do not want that pragmatic life
Take everything I have
How many glasses of life is still alive?
Oh! Dear ant, what are you finding in my liquid?
Just a pinch of fire, they will absorb me.
I'm happy with droplets of dew
I Didn't want the ocean
I can not live in the fake lover's society
I am a small insect
Want a piece of soil.
As long I'm still alive, give me a freedom
Please don't hold me.
don't go looking for me at the crowded of dry leaves.
Let me live In the grey fins of seagulls.
nature tired for the sound of the clock
Stop this for a certain time, It wants to see your face.
Oh! God, stop crying, moisture was left from your eyes
The stream of muddy throat water
does not call the cry, just increased distance to me
Do not write my history on the bronze plate
Bury me under the sea
Invisible to everyone.
Do not birth me again
Give me a piece of soil at your feet
Then I'm happy.

Poem, ©chitrak, 2021