I do not want that pragmatic life

I do not want that pragmatic life
Take everything I have
How many glasses of life is still alive?
Oh! Dear ant, what are you finding in my liquid?
Just a pinch of fire, they will absorb me.
I'm happy with droplets of dew
I Didn't want the ocean
I can not live in the fake lover's society
I am a small insect
Want a piece of soil.
As long I'm still alive, give me a freedom
Please don't hold me.
don't go looking for me at the crowded of dry leaves.
Let me live In the grey fins of seagulls.
nature tired for the sound of the clock
Stop this for a certain time, It wants to see your face.
Oh! God, stop crying, moisture was left from your eyes
The stream of muddy throat water
does not call the cry, just increased distance to me
Do not write my history on the bronze plate
Bury me under the sea
Invisible to everyone.
Do not birth me again
Give me a piece of soil at your feet
Then I'm happy.

Poem, ©chitrak, 2021

At The End of The day

Dear, at the end of the day
will I get a piece of air?

If didn’t come to the home
As a vagabond
If my name is deleted
from your yellow diary
what do you do then?

Night melt like an ice
In my blood,
blurred my face
In dust water of the pond.
dividing me by zero
You get infinity
the somnolent universe
There was fake affinity

Dear, at the end of the day
will I get a piece of air?

Think, I am lost in the city
mossy time surrounded me
You’re locked in four walls
taciturn air can’t breathe me
what do you do then?

I want a cup of death
a pinch of fire.

Dear, at the end of the day
will I get a piece of air?


Funeral of My Soul

Day stops at the end of the road, silent time, alone wind wandering around, grass to grass. don’t know how long times she is still alive?
unconscious tells me, oh! silly moss!
she is lost again at the dust of your hand.
stepping to the yore, for a piece of air,
for a kiss to her. Give me the red sand,
where the sun was killed, assassin nightmare.
Two blue stars in wine, one is the soul,
the other is the spirit of the dead Knight.
My soul burned, ashes create an atoll.
where is the smell of your breasts? Ignite
as a moon. please give me a piece of soil
From your coffin where you are still alive.


Colour Of my Tears

The Rhythm of my guitar can’t go to you.
stand alone, at bypass like a torn shoe.
droplets of star shelter in my eye,
Will you be there! at the foggy frost sky.
I am peaceful in the wire as a dew
Just minutes will be mixing with dry blue.
If I know you’re a fake truth in my destiny,
I wouldn’t write a night. sunshine colony
is shining in my eyes, burned my face,
don’t notice that you hold me in leaky space.
I will not wear your dust in grey orbit,
I will not smell, where your spite air present.
give back my mossy past, you don’t deserve it
I will write a poem for you in ruin sheet.

Poem,©copyright,chitrak 2021

Memory Rreminiscences

When no one is on my side, you only came
as green leaves in winter days, as a surname.
Remember, the rainy days, in the clay,
remember the banyan tree, our older play.
I know broken the slate, but not delete
your name. not lost the odour of calcite.
Time is changed, you live behind the mirror,
so what! It is love, will go everywhere.
grasshopper search you in the blue wild air.
Torn notebook waiting at the moss layer.
Please germinate! Bring back the ancient days
You and me again at the twilight clays,
Earth revolves around the sun in 365 days
you came to my consciousness every second.


❣Happy Friendship Day❣

Poem,©copyright, chitrak,2021

Night song

Silent the night sky
wind blow for your name
Smile of your mouth shy.

Look at the star stairs
where blue time stops
you and I go there.

A house with four wall
repress the Sunday noon
Sweet smell your eye call.

Night break down
thousands of sleep
Impossible dream.
My pen is lost
Side of the dark beam.

Poetry,©copyright, chitrk,2021

The Night Lost In My Hand

The night lost in my hand, broken
Infinity eyes see me, a silent man
Who doesn't know what his destiny is?

waiting at the riverside
One by one ship passed
twilight dropped on the ocean,
I am alone in silence.

Sometimes I find a hand, my destiny
a peace, without a woman body.

I am a glass of wine
who is never intoxicated.

The night lost in my hand,
the moon to the dark heaven see me,
like a silent man, as a destroyer

Poem, ©copyright,chitrak, 2021

The Empty Skeleton of My Pen

The empty skeleton of my pen, broken nib
One two uncomplete words for you
My heart mixed up with blue.

A neon star on my desk,
Silent lyrics dig the night, 
The moon burned on the ring
In your shiny tropical hand.

Meaningless the word of your lips
But I am still there
My soul beneath your body
Jealous! The nightmare.

Poem, ©copyright , chitrak,2021

Life ceded my life

Life ceded my life such a way 
I can’t smell your body 
I am lonely, silence die in the sky 
avalanche tone cries loudly.

What had you done to me? 
I gave up rebirth 
Everyone will be die 
The sky split the earth.

Life played with me such a trick  
No one says any word 
It gives a sudden blick 
break up the rose, red is absurd 

Life ceded my life such a way 
You can’t my pray.